Faithful Men

Leading people towards a life-giving relationship with Jesus Christ & Preparing them to reach those in their communities for Christ. 


Making Disciples who Bear Fruit.


Our Mission

Go, and make disciples of all nations...
— Jesus
Discipleship through Serving!  Raising Walls 2015

Our Aspiration.

to be

godly family members, co-workers & neighbors who genuinely invest in the welfare of the communities we live in, work in and play in.

Sun Valley Youth Center.jpg

Community Greenhouses

in the neighborhood of Sun Valley

Personal life transformation

We believe that all of life is transformed by the gospel. Therefore we connect people to God through the teaching of God’s word on every occasion, worship experiences, community serving opportunities, community outreach & evangelism and life-on-life discipleship.

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Neighborhood Prayer Walk


Community Formation

We believe that lives are transformed best within the context of relationships and shared experiences. Therefore, we connect people to each other through relational ministries and shared experiences.  This includes small groups, neighborhood gatherings, city-wide serving opportunities & short-term mission opportunities for the whole family.

Church camp out & worship night!

Church camp out & worship night!


Service & Compassion

We believe that God cares deeply about the often overlooked of society…the orphan, widow, foreigner and the poor.  Therefore we provide opportunities for those connected to Church at the Ranch to love on those close to God’s heart through ministries of service and compassion within the Denver metro area and beyond.

Fall Pumkin Carving at Sun Valley youth center

Fall Pumkin Carving at Sun Valley youth center


Fruit Bearing

We believe that the Bible calls us to bear fruit by multiplying ourselves in the lives of others helping them become growing disciples, so we train our people to be multi-generational disciple makers within the contexts of their own lives.  Therefore new communities which share these Core Values are being planted in new communities around our city!

Building 4 homes to be shipped to Juarez Mexico

Building 4 homes to be shipped to Juarez Mexico


Cultural Renewal

We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ transforms culture, not the other way around.  Therefore we do not seek to be culturally relevant, we strive to live out the gospel in ways that brings God’s gift of love, joy and peace to the culture.  We do this by teaching the truths of the Bible in ways that connect people to the culture and equip them to live within culture as a light for Christ.

Ladies Neighborhood Bible Study called "Over the Coffee Cup"

Ladies Neighborhood Bible Study called "Over the Coffee Cup"